General Ability Test – The Exam  focuses on the following topics.
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Communication Ability
  • English Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non verbal Reasoning
  • Thematic Apprehension
  • Analytical Ability
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Business Domain
  • Mock Test
  • Past Year Questions
Studio Test & Situation Reaction Test – The test evaluates the candidate’s skills for material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with given set of material. The Exam focuses on :
  • Introduction on Creative Thinking
  • How to understand the design briefs
  • Assistance with generation of Ideas
  • Assistance with generation of Ideas
  • Tips on Execution of Ideas
  • Material Manipulation
  • 3D Modeling with Clay and other Materials
  • Experiences of Past Successful Students
  • Analysis & Individual Assessment of your work
  • Model making, discussing and solving last year questions
  • Group Activities & learn to work in a group
  • 3D Modeling with Materials provided.
  • How to make a Write Up