All hopeful students have to appear for the situation test after their selection in GAT (General Ability Test) and (Creative Ability Test). This test plays a very important role in the final selection as it contains 20% of the total weight age. It comprises of 3-D model making exploiting the materials provided to them. The materials may include different kind of papers, thermocol, wire, string, ice cream sticks etc. A candidate has to create one or two 3-D model within the time limit of 2hrs to 2 and a ½ hrs. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of 50-100words.
You are judged on the basis of your aesthetic appeal, creative and clever manipulation of given materials and an appropriate theme. It is advisable to spend first 10-15minutes of the given time in thinking and drawing a rough sketch of your idea. Decide what is to be done first and what at last. Also carry some stationeries along with you like-pair of scissors, paper cutter, sharpened pencils, compass, fevicol with nosel, quick-fix, blue/black ball point pen, sand paper etc.