NID conducts 1/2days workshop at Ahmedabad after the declaration of the results of first round of test (DAT-Design Aptitude Test). This test is called  Studio Test. This workshop includes a series of exercises.

3-D model making-It involves making of 3-D models using the given materials such as clay, wire, string, different kinds of paper, thermacol, cloth etc. The time limit may vary from 30minutes-45minutes.

Thematic/psychometric test- This test is based on your observation and presence of mind. The time limit may be 1minute-10minutes.

Audio/visual test-A candidate has to listen to an audio or may be shown a video clipping for a minute and then he/she is to answer a series of questions based on them.

Portfolio Review- It plays a very important role in the NID’s final selection. A candidate must carry a collection of his/her original work which may include manual drawing and sketching, photographs, computer layouts etc. A candidate must have complete knowledge about his/her work and all the work must be presented very neatly.

Interview-It is face to face conversation between the candidate and interviewers. A candidate is judged on the various parameters. There will be about 3-4 faculty members and you will be given an opportunity to present design related initiatives and creative work done by you. The interviews will be about your portfolio, your strengths and weaknesses and your aptitude to design, creativity and openness to new ideas.