Colours In Our Life

The moment one opens his/her eyes, a world filled with colours perceives before him. The impact of these colours on various aspects of our life – emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive – is immeasurable.
The moment one opens his/her eyes, a world filled with colours perceives before him. The impact of these colours on various aspects of our life – emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive – is immeasurable. This is because every color has specific properties and characteristics that influence our moods, behavior and even lifestyle. During ancient times, learned men realized the significance of different colours, and associated them with corresponding planets, the seven major charkas (energy centers) in our body, and seven days of the week. It is no surprise then that colours play a major role in the creation of a good vaastu environment.

It is a well-known fact that colours are basically vibrations of light. When white light hits an object, certain wavelengths (vibrations) are emitted, and these form different colours. White light can be divided into seven primary colours of the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colours can then be combined to create secondary colours and shades.

In order to bring harmony in our life and vaastu environment, it is important to understand the properties of these primary colours. These have been discussed below:

Red: This is the colour of blood and has an obvious association with our life and body. Red symbolises lust, passion, materialism and other base energies, as well as being associated with fire. It provides activity, energy and will power.

The front façade of structures facing the south direction should be painted red; those who do not like red can add a red colour element to the front exterior.

Inside the structure, you can paint the south wall of the living room red to create life force energy.

Rosy red or pink shades can be used in the bedroom as they symbolize deep love. Pink is an ideal colour for newlyweds, and should especially be used by couples wishing to conceive. People who are generally irritable or couples facing conflict in their relationship can also benefit by this colour. In fact, pink can be used anywhere in the house.

Deep or dark red shades signify anger and should not be used in bedrooms.

Orange: This colour represents pride, ambition and communication. It also signifies health and vitality.

Young, aspiring people who are yet to achieve their goals in life should use orange shades on the southern wall of their bedroom.

Since it is a fiery colour, it should not be used by people who have a cross or angry nature.

Orange shades can be used in kitchens that are located in the south or southeast.

It is an increasing color, the people who feel low should use the orange shades in there life.

Orange shades can also be used in the puja room.

Yellow: This colour signifies illumination, light, intellect and higher mental activity. It is also a colour of goddess. This color is best for Maa Lakshmi, she likes this color. Yellow is good for studies, concentration and stabilizing the mind, and is best suited on the northern walls of a building.

What do you mean by colour of goddess? Please explain?

Please provide some tips for this color.

1. North facing structures should have yellow colors.
2. North side rooms can have yellow colors.
3. Yellow has cementing nature; those with fractures and weak bones should use yellow colors clothes.
4. Yellow is a color for the solar plexus chakra those with behavioral problems can use this color.
5. This color is good for prosperity, yellow semi-precious and precious stones can used to keep in the cash boxes or the wallets.

Green: This color symbolizes nature, fertility, abundance, prosperity and the growth of positive energy. It also represents rebirth, signifying the re-creation of new ideas. Green is a healing color as well, and is good for heart and high blood pressure problems. The color also has a cooling effect on persons with an irritable, stubborn nature.

Green can be used as a remedy by couples experiencing clashes in their married life; pastel green shades in southeastern bedrooms have a soothing effect.

Green is a harmonious color for the east, and structures facing this direction must have an element of green element in their front façade. Consultants, architects, designers, fashion stylists, and others in the consulting profession should have a green element in their office.

Blue: This is the color of the sky, and also represents water. It signifies emotions, inspiration, devotion and truth. Blue is also a healing and merciful color, and helps reduce pains in the body.

It can be used in the children's bedroom, but should not be used in a kitchen, restaurant, office or shops. Why for both parts of the sentence? Blue is a reducing color that is why it should not be used for restaurants, office and shops. It has a non stable nature.

The most harmonious direction for using blue is the west. Please elaborate in a couple of lines. Because the one of the best color for west is blue, west is owned by varun dev the god of water, blue represents the water that is why the blue color is good in west.

Its use is strictly prohibited in the southeast as this direction signifies fire, which is in complete contrast to water, represented by blue.

Indigo: This color offers a deep connection to the inner self, creates spiritual qualities, and enhances psychic abilities.

It can be used anywhere, expect in toilets and kitchens. However, it is ideal for meditation and study rooms.

Using white or yellow with violet make for a positive combination.

Indigo is a color of lord Krishna.

Violet: This color represents religious devotion, knowledge and temperance. It enhances spiritualism, improves memory and concentration, and provides stability of mind.

Violet is best used in poojan (prayer) and study rooms, and is ideal for students, scholars and people whose work requires a lot of mental activity.

This color is also good for people who are indecisive.

Violet color should not be used in toilets and kitchens.

Violet color if used in more quantities it gives spirituality, especially where ever there are more ambitions and materialistic approach of life violet should be used in less quantities. In business and trading places it should be used in limited quantities. People with clear mind and only money based should less of violet color and visa versa.

Violet color gives contentment in life, so whosoever feels unsatisfied all the time without any reason should use more of violet.