Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design -Concept or Theme ?

It's our belief that good design is only possible if it is inspired by an excellent concept. A concept is quite different from a theme. We have witnessed many projects inspired by a theme: Greek pillars, Egyptian mummies, the proverbial blue and terracotta of Morocco and so on. But for us these spaces usually have none of the criteria by which we would define professional interior design.

In term of design development, theme and concept almost meet the same definition. What are the differences between these two issues? And how to clarify or differentiate it?

Concept is a near full/basic idea, whereas theme happens to be an idea around a specific concept or topic; more of an idea in detail.

A concept is an overall idea, a thought process, forming the base of a design, and then you design a theme which depicts and expresses your core concept.
Thus, a theme reinforces the concept. The theme is a communication bridge between your concept and the user of your design. It helps the user to understand your concept; look for good examples.

Concept is invisible; on the other hand, theme is what is out there, a visual representation.

The hairline distinction between the two is hardly differentiable, they fairly go hand in hand for a design.

Yet concept envelopes the design as a shell, whereas theme plays the role of a thin skin; not protective, yet compulsory for evolution.