Interior Designing- A Science and An Art

Interior design is an art which initially was confined amongst homemakers, mostly women who designed the interiors of their home with the help of craftsmen, upholsterers and other artisans. Since the emergence of the twentieth century, such an art and activity has emerged as a full blown profession. Much study has gone into the subject, from the study of different fabrics for upholstery furniture and furnishings to how the windows and doors need to be placed in a room to allow in maximum sunlight and so forth. Thus, it is both a science and art and there are a large number of professionals who study and take up such a profession in their countries.
Interior Design IdeasInterior design ideas can vary as per the nature of the project. When it comes to residences, the interior design ideas are usually specific to the needs of the individuals who are the home owners. While some residential projects involve designing the interiors of a newly built home, others may involve partial designing of a few rooms leading to remodeling or renovation of existing structures.
Commercial projects are more varied, depending upon the function and utility of the buildings whose interiors need to be designed. If the commercial project involves malls, shopping centers or other forms of retail outlets, there are certain layouts that need to be followed as well as ensuring the branding activities are highlighted as per the merchandiser or the product owners whose retail outlets are being built. Healthcare units again need different interior design ideas since the layout of offices, wards, surgery rooms and others require much attention to the flow of work and other procedures involved.
Hospitality such as hotels, clubs, resorts, restaurants need different interior design ideas. Usually these are designed around specific themes and interior designers involved in such projects need to develop the furniture, the colors, the textures, furnishing as per the theme of the project.
Corporate offices also involve the work of interior designers in helping them establish their brand image and essence of the corporate image by the use of colors, images and layout designs.
Other commercial ventures which require the expertise of interior designers are institutions such as governments, financial institutions such as banks, schools, universities and so forth which usually involve designing the layout and essence of interiors of large buildings.
Thus, interior design ideas are required in different projects, from homes to offices, campuses and so froth.